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Insulating the future

A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy people use on a day to day basis in their homes.

In order to have some sort of impact on climate change - and to be more energy efficient - we really need to make changes to our homes to try and lower these emissions.

In order to do this the government has put in place The Green Deal to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

The idea behind it is the government has a budget that can be put towards various energy saving plans; in particular, vulnerable and low-income households.

This budget will be used to help people to pay for improvements to their homes, such as insulation, that will not only help to reduce emissions, but will also reduce household bills.


The Green Deal is a fantastic idea as there are many older buildings out there that just don’t have the correct insulation, or have old window frames that leak the heat out of them meaning people end up spending more on their bills just to keep warm. 

You will know yourself if you have an older home and go and stand next to a window on a cold night. If you can feel a draft then you know that cold air is coming in and warm air is leaving, which is not good news for your bills or the environment.

With the Green Deal you can get help to pay for improvements to stop this happening.

The deal has been given the green light this week, meaning that the legal framework is in place and companies can start to implement the systems for the ways in which they will do the work.

It is estimated that work will be started on homes in late January, perfect timing for the most miserable month of the year.

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