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Turn it off

We all want to be able to do our bit to help the environment; we are all too aware of the damage that can be done to the world by the things we use on a daily basis. 

Not only is it important to try and save energy to help the environment, it can also help you to save money at home as well.

By being careful with how you use your energy at home you can make a difference to what you are putting out into the world, as well saving yourself some valuable cash.


It is not difficult to make some changes to your day to day life that will help you save energy.

You can start by simply setting the washing machine to 30 degrees; your clothes will still get cleaned but you will save some money by washing them at this temperature. This will use 40 per cent less energy, which is better for the environment and for your energy bills.

This is just one of the tips that, if you start implemeting right away, you should notice a reduction in your bills.

I will have plenty more tips as well so stay tuned!

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